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Workhorse Workbench, Woodworking Plans, Workshop & Jigs, Workbenches, Intermedia…: A word on Safe Carving:

When the chips are flying with gouges and mallets, or when using any power tool, wear safety glasses. Your eyes are your most valuable tool; protect them.
If you are using power tools that create dust, be sure to wear a dust mask. Wood can contain toxic fungi, and some woods themselves can be hazardous.
While applying force to push a knife or gouge through wood, tools frequently slip. Always keep your hands behind the tool’s sharp edge. Do not hold the wood in your lap while carving. Always try to secure the work piece on a table or in a vise so that both hands are free to control the tools. Cuts often happen when one hand is trying to hold the piece and the other hand is pushing hard on the tool – and it slips. Secure the work piece, and keep both hands on the tool and behind the sharp edge.
Use common sense. Listen to the voice of self preservation. Every time, just before I hurt myself, there was a little voice in my head saying “you shouldn’t be doing this, it’s unsafe.” Ignoring it even for a second may result in a trip to the first aid kit.
Speaking of first aid, be sure to keep a well-equipped first aid kit handy.