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Used Luxury Item: Défilé Chanel Haute Couture printemps-été 2016

Find the Défilé Chanel Haute Couture printemps-été 2016: at The RealReal, is the Ways to Get Discount Designer Clothes for Less. When it comes to fashion, having Prada tastes on a Gap budget can leave you wistfully flipping through the pages of “Vogue” feeling green with envy. Designer fashion definitely doesn’t come cheap, especially when looking at big-ticket items such as coats, shoes, and handbags.

But just because your budget doesn’t allow for Gucci doesn’t mean you can’t have any designer brands in your closet. In fact, with some resourceful tips, you can still nab some of your favorite designer brands – just without paying the ultra-high prices.

Why would someone want to splurge on a designer brand? There are a few reasons: Designer brands often offer better quality and longer-lasting materials. Also, such brands project an image of status (and wealth) among friends and business associates. Designer brands also offer the chance for a high resale value in the future, since certain fashion houses are always in demand.

No matter your reason for lusting after Louis Vuitton, the trick is to avoid paying those premium prices to stretch your dollar without sacrificing your high-end taste.

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