Maternity Dresses

Pregnancy Dresses: The World's Safest Swaddling System

The World's Safest Swaddling System: How to Dress when Pregnant. You can still look stylish and feel good when dressing for a pregnant body if those things are important to you. Don’t abandon your sense of style! It’s important to know what works well when pregnant, though, and what doesn’t feel right. Picking the Right Fabric and Feel. Wear clothing that is flexible around your midsection. Your belly will have lots of action as your baby moves and grows. It is best to leave behind constricting belts and waist bands.
Leggings can be your best friend. Buy leggings a couple sizes larger than your normal size or a pair of maternity leggings. They look great with long sweaters and shirts.
Avoid stiff fabrics. Instead choose stretchy fabrics. Yoga pants will also be a great choice because they are loose and comfortable. Avoid zippers and buttons. Wearing pants or skirts with elastic or ties instead of zippers or buttons is a must.
Jersey knits and other soft, stretchable garments are both comfortable and easy to wash and wear. Steer clear of too tight clothes. You don’t want to pick loaded-with-Lycra clothes. While these curve-hugging tops will show off your bump later, right now you’ll feel too much like a sausage in a tight casing.
At the same time, buying clothing fitted for a pregnant body is actually going to make you look slimmer than encasing your body in a huge too-large shirt. Satin is not considered a good pregnancy fabric by some, and bright colors are not usually a great idea, either.
Avoid tops that are too billowy and tent-like, unless you prefer the look. Look for ones that flow gracefully over the extra pounds beneath while still having a bit of shape. Tunics are a great choice. While fitted across the shoulders and arms, a tunic flows gracefully across the middle, disguising extra weight. V-neck or scoop-neck shirts are a good choice as they draw the gaze to the neckline.

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