Maternity Dresses

Pregnancy Dresses: EMBRACE Convertible Maternity Baby Shower от SilkFairies на Etsy

EMBRACE Convertible Maternity Baby Shower от SilkFairies на Etsy: How to Dress when Pregnant. You can still look stylish and feel good when dressing for a pregnant body if those things are important to you. Don’t abandon your sense of style! It’s important to know what works well when pregnant, though, and what doesn’t feel right. Choosing the Right Colors and Accessories. Work with slimming and solid colors. Black is very slimming, so wear as much black as you like. Go for the long line look.
White shows off your belly and will make it more obvious. Some abstract colors like a neon top with dark pants, also draw attention to your belly. You could try another solid color like soft gray if black gets too boring. Try wearing a single color from top to bottom.
Vertical stripes are much better than horizontal, ideally with darker vertical colors at your sides and lighter vertical stripes in the center.
Avoid garish or in-your-face bold and big patterns. Keep in mind that darker on the bottom and lighter on the top brings the eyes of the beholder up towards your radiant face.

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