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Most Popular Pink Running Shoes for Women 2018

Pink running shoes are everywhere. By now, you’ve probably had to a conclusion that women running shoes are so gendered but it is not actually true. Pink running shoes are every girl’s dream so today we have listed the most popular ping running shoes for women in 2018 that will leave your jaws dropped.

New Balance Coat V3 

A lot of women are in love with the New Balance Coat V3 for its beautiful bright pink composition. It is very feminine and fitting for a fun day run. The shaft measures are approximately low-top from the arch and it is built with an ACTEVA midsole that helps support runners with overpronated foot type. The ground contact EVA outsole also has rubber pods which makes it very comfortable to the feet.  The only con of this shoe is that the top mesh is slightly see-through so when you wear barefoot, it shows your toenails. Nevertheless, this shoe is ideal for running and casual walking activity.


If you want a lighter shade of pink and a unique upper mesh design, then you might want to try the Coodo’s women lightweight sneakers.  It is very lightweight and comfortable to the feet. The unique mesh upper keeps your feet cool and the insole is made of memory foam. This shoe is very soft to the feet and ideal for runners with overpronated feet. Most runners have referred to this shoe as a family shoe because of its very low price point and stylish construction.

Asics Gel-Contend 4 

Loves of rose pink would be very happy with the Asics Gel-Contend 4. So far, Asics has never failed to surprise athletes with awesome shoes. One of the most popular pink running shoes for women, this shoe is ideal for low mileage.  It is very versatile and well-cushioned. The upper features include a laminated mid cage, which helps provide support and stability. What we love about this shoe aside from the totally girly appeal is the removable ortholite sockliner that keeps your feet very comfortable even if you wear it the whole day.

Cior Running Shoes 

Neat and sleek – that is how we describe the Cior casual running shoes. This shoe boasts a simple design but the single-tone color of the lace and the mesh upper makes it really attractive. We love that it is not very bright nor too dull. Surprisingly, the breathable and lightweight mesh textile material makes the shoes more comfortable.  Although it looks a bit bulky, this is one of the minimalist shoes that provides the feeling of walking barefooted. So you probably would not want to wear this shoe on hard ground terrains. The upper is also supported by a shape-strengthened material that makes it look more stereo and helps keep it in shape when worn.

Mizuno Horizon 2 

If you are looking for pink running shoes that somehow look tough, then the Mizuno Horizon 2 would be an ideal choice. This shoe definitely looks bulky and sturdy but has a very soft feel as you wear them. It is a little bit elevated as many runners have noted but what we love about this shoe is the new Smooth Ride Technology with Clouse Wave. Sounds interesting? It definitely is! The combination of both technologies creates a soft, lively and cushioned feel but with adequate support on your feet and ankle. This shoe is ideal for rigid training and trail running. However, we would not recommend this shoe for long-distance running or marathon. Although it has a lightweight, the bulky construction might feel uncomfortable to the feet. So as you see, different shoe styles also have their own corresponding uses and you need to take note of them, so you would not experience discomfort as you run.

New Balance Nitrel v1 

Amidst the pink color, this shoe looks a bit manlier because of its black and green combination. Its appeal is quite strong and aggressive but we love how this shoe can look so perfect for trail running. It is bulky but with lightweight and protective materials that help improve performance. The gusseted tongue and improved rugged Terrain outsole give this shoe a winning combination of speed, traction, and performance. This shoe simply shows an attitude that never backs down when challenged – it’s daring, strong, and aggressive. And we strongly recommend this shoe for women who share the same feeling.

Saucony Grid Excursion TR9

Another pink trail running shoe in the house is the Saucony Grid Excursion TR9. It is quite bulky compared to New Balance’s Nitrel 4 but almost has the same combination. We can say that Saucony has its own ways of manipulating colors that makes a shoe standout. As opposed to the Nitrel 4, this shoe has a more aggressive lug. It is still made of lightweight materials, featuring a breathable mesh and high-grid cushioning system. We recommend this shoe for runners with overpronated feet because of its plush feel – thanks to the high-grid cushioning system. It has an 8mm mid-sole offset that also makes it a great training shoe.