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Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes For Women 2018

Tennis shoes are a great addition to any closet. Thanks to recent fashion trends, tennis shoes can be acceptably worn just about anywhere: the gym, the courts, on a date, or just hanging out with friends.

While they’re undoubtedly popular, not every shoe is made the same. If you’re looking for the best tennis shoes, you’re going to have to look at not only the way they look, but their technology and construction, and how they will benefit you.

Luckily for you, we’ve done all of the extensive research so you don’t have to! All you have to worry about is which outfits you’re going to pair with the new shoes you’re about to get!

3 Top Rated Tennis Shoes For Women Today

ASICS GEL Resolution 5 – Best Cushioned Tennis Shoes

ASICS GEL Resolution 5

ASICS GEL line is possibly the best-known line of tennis shoes out there, if not one of the most well-known. Most of their shoes are specifically for runners, however their Resolution 5 is a shoe that can be used throughout many kinds of training situations, or for casual wear, as well.

At first glance, it’s easy to see that the shoe looks unique and stands out from the crowd. The technology and construction of the shoe are also quite special.

The soft upper and all-around breathable mesh not only are an comfortability update, but ensure your feet are kept dry and cool.

The past versions of this model have had a too-narrow toe box, but ASICS listened to their customers, and widened it, making it a great option for any foot width.

The GEL cushioning in both the fore and rearfoot is obviously still a part of this newer model, and the cushioning is top-notch.

Not only that, but it creates some great shock absorption and is very responsive to motion.

If you’re looking for some of the best sneakers for arch support, the Resolution 5 won’t let you or your arches down! For those with flat feet, they may want to look into adding another support in, but for those with regular arches, these are perfect.

Secret: Most Beautiful Black & White Tennis Shoes for Women is ASICS GEL for women


K-Swiss Bigshot – Best Product for Training

K-Swiss Bigshot

If you’re looking for a great tennis shoe, that’s also great on your wallet, check out the K-Swiss Bigshot Light Sneaker. They’ve taken one of their most popular shoes, and upgraded it with a new level of comfort and style! If you need a shoe right away and don’t have time to break them in, these are also perfect for you.

There is no break-in period; they’re comfy right away!

The upper is a blend of synthetic leather and mesh, incorporating FlowCool technology, keeping your feet dry and cool while also keeping the shoes relatively lightweight.

This means you can go your hardest, whether it be on the court or in the gym, and you don’t have to be bothered by wet feet.

The low-profile design gets your feet super close to the ground, for improved lateral stability and speed. While those are all great, your feet need to be supported, right?

Their 180-degree plantar support chassis provides stability while also giving you a comfortable ride. The K-EVA midsole just adds to that, adding cushion on top of plush cushion.

The non-marking outsole is durable and great on the courts, with its herringbone tread pattern gives great traction on any surface. For those with very narrow feet, these can possibly be a bit too wide or bulky.


Brooks Pure Connect – Best Tennis Shoes for Standing All Day


If you want an ultra-light running shoe that won’t feel like your bones are being jarred with each step, then check out the Brooks Pureconnect 4. If you’re looking for one of the best rated women’s tennis shoes, and need something that won’t weigh down your feet while doing errands, these will be your go-to sneakers.

Now in their fourth year, the Pureconnect series initially appealed to the minimalist-shoe community, but now appeals to just about everyone who wants comfort and an attractive product. The shoe is now pumped full of cushion, and the upper is more stable.

A wide elastic band wraps over the arch, keeping the foot secure, while the stretchy upper allows the natural toe-splay and is great for just about all foot widths and shapes.

A highly responsive and cushioned midsole is great for athletes, or just those who need some extra bounce in their step. The blown rubber outsole provides traction on even hard, slick surfaces, and the pod design assists with traction on loose soil.

While this shoe is undoubtedly one of the best rated women’s tennis shoes, there are some users who reported the arch creating a “hot-spot”, or the shoe being a tad too narrow, even with the updated width of the Pureconnect 4 model.



Best Tennis Shoes for Women with Flat Feet

Flat feet is a condition in which your foot has little to no natural arch. This may be because arches never formed in childhood, or it could be due to illness or injury. Either way, it’s important to wear supportive athletic shoes while playing tennis or for any other activity.

Flat Feet Supporters

Select tennis shoes and cross-trainers that support side-to-side movements to protect against injury, says Stephen Pribut, DPM, president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. When you lack an arch, it’s the side motion — especially common in tennis — where you can get injured if you’re wearing improper footwear. And since, according to the Sneaker Report, tennis players are often overpronators — a condition where your foot rolls inward after landing — look for tennis shoes with extras like side gel cushioning and heel supports that provide impact protection. Ask a knowledgeable salesperson to help you find a shoe that has this kind of support. When trying out shoes, perform the support test: Take the shoe and place the toe on the floor with the heel facing the ceiling. Push down on the heel, and if the shoe bends in the middle, it’s not supportive enough.

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet: What to Look For

The ideal solution to having flat feet but still being able to play tennis safely is to pick up a pair of the best tennis shoes designed for flat feet. Here’s a guide to choosing the tennis shoes for you that will help you stay on the court longer.

Arch Support

One of the key things to look for is that there is plenty of support for the arch of your foot. The shoes should be constructed in such a way that they give your foot the arch that it lacks naturally when on. This will mean the flat footedness and symptoms associated with it are eliminated.

Arch Cushioning

In the same way as you need a shoe that will support the arch and give it shape, you also need extra protection to absorb any shock or impact when playing. All of the best tennis shoes for flat feet will have plenty of this and the specialist foam type materials they’re made from will keep your feet safe and comfortable.


Just because you’re buying a tennis shoe to help with a specific problem, doesn’t mean you have to have something that looks ugly! You’re going to play for months(usually) in these tennis shoes. You got to make sure they look good. Fortunately, that’s not a problem as there are lots of products out there now in a range of colours and styles. Not only do they look great but they do the job well.


In the same way as you want a good looking shoe to wear, you also need something that feels good to move in. Be sure to try them on before you buy if possible and walk around in them to make sure they are right for you. Buying tennis shoes that don’t fit well will only make the problem worse not better.


3 Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

1. ASICS Gel Game Point Tennis Shoe

ASICS Gel Game Point Tennis Shoe

If you want the ultimate protection and comfort on court then these tennis shoes for flat feet are a great choice. They have a leather upper part with built in mesh panel to ensure your feet stay cool when on the tennis court. Excess perspiration from running around is not ideal and this helps to combat that by allowing the air to circulate freely.

One thing I particularly like about this shoe is that the uppers offer excellent support to your foot and keeps it in the proper alignment. No worries about comfort though! I love wearing the ASICS Gel Gamepoint tennis shoes and they allow you to move in a natural way. The major aspect of this shoe is the amount of cushioning it gives to your soles. The midsole has plenty of soft memory foam in to support your arches and reduce any pain you would normally feel.

Asics has quite a range of great tennis shoes for flat feet in all different styles but these are personally one of my favorites. They offer the perfect combination of style, comfort and protection that will get you back on court, enjoying playing tennis again in no time.

2. Babolat Propulse 4 All Court


Babolat Propulse 4 All Court

The absolute geniuses at Babolat have done it again with the Babolat Propulse Tennis Shoes! They not only look great when on your foot but also give superb protection and comfort. In terms of the best tennis shoes for flat feet, you can’t ask for much more.


A really interesting feature in the Propulse tennis shoes is the dynamic response system built into them. This helps support your toes and ball of your foot during movement. The shoes also contain a special cushioning design that supports the whole foot in a comfortable fashion while reducing impacts to your arch. This is just what you need to help reduce the side-effects of having flat feet.

Another great touch by Babolat is the four-point support provided by a chassis style foot belt. This keeps your foot in the correct alignment and gives it fantastic protection which means you can stay out on court for longer with no pain to cut your game short.

The Babolat Propulse tennis shoes are a great choice for all tennis players with flat feet whether you’re a casual or more serious follower of the sport. The arch support and overall protection they provide is superb and makes them highly recommended on our list of best tennis shoes for flat feet.

3. Prince T22

Prince T22


The Prince T22 are one of the best tennis shoes on the market for helping with flat feet. The patented Shockeraser protection on the heel and extra arch support are exactly what you need to reduce any pain or impact on your feet. Especially good on harder courts, the durable outsole gives superb traction and stability.


The shoes look great and are very comfortable to play in with extra ventilation to keep your feet cool. An innovative feature is one that keep your toes aligned with your heel to improve posture when on court. These Prince Tennis Shoes also offer great shock absorption in the mid-sole area which is important to avoid any discomfort when running.

The Prince T22 are very popular shoes found on the feet of tennis players everywhere and are great tennis shoes for flat feet. They are lightweight yet durable and give all the support you need where it matters most. Even better they come with a 6 month warranty against the quality and durability of the outer soles.


Best 3 Tennis Shoes for Women with High Arches

1. Brooks Glycerin 14

The Brooks Glycerin 14 is made for neutral pronators and has neutral arch support. This is great if you have high arches because it does not interfere with them too much, but it gives you the right amount of cushioning. The shoes are best to use on gravel, track, and the road. They can be used in any weather because they have excellent traction.

Why They are Effective

The midsole of the Brooks Glycerin 14 is made out of Super DNA material. This provides you with ample cushioning while adapting to the shape of your foot. This protects your heels and the balls of your feet, which prevent the plantar fascia from tearing. The Cush Pod gives you a smooth heel to toe transition that will also protect the ligaments in your feet. The shoe flexes when you move and gives you personalized cushioning based on your gender and weight.

Our research into what people are saying about these shoes found that these are comfortable right out of the box. Those who had Plantar Fasciitis said the shoes accommodated their orthotic inserts and helped with their pain. Some did say these were not as soft as other running shoes.

Pros: Good cushioning, adapt to your feet and weight, smooth transition

Cons: Not as soft as other running shoes

Recommended Types of Feet: High arches, neutral pronation


2. ASICS Gel Kinsei 6

ASICS Gel Kinsei 6 is a neutral running shoe. It does not have much arch support, but it does have much more cushioning, which is what neutral pronation runners need. These shoes are best used on the road or track, but should not be taken on the trail because they do not have the proper traction for off road terrains. They are a great every day running or training shoe.

Why They are Effective

The midsole of these shoes have FluidRide technology. This gives you responsive cushioning so you can run further and more comfortably. The cushioning will protect the ligaments in your feet, especially your plantar fascia, and keep the balls of your feet as well as your heels from getting sore during your run. The Guidance Line is located in the forefoot of the shoe will give you good gait efficiency. This ensures your feet stay in a neutral position, which keeps your plantar fascia from overstretching. In addition, the Propulsion Trusstic System will give you energy once you make your toe-off. This reduces strain and helps you run further.

Our research into what people say about these shoes found that they have great cushioning and ankle support without being heavy. Those who landed on their heels first were very happy with the gel and cushioning in these shoes. Some complained the shoes were too narrow, especially in the toe box.

Pros: Responsive cushioning, gives you a neutral gait, helps with toe-off

Cons: Run narrow, especially in toe box

Recommended Types of Feet: High arches, neutral pronators


3. Saucony Ride 9

The Saucony Ride 9 is made for neutral runners and is best used on the road. The shoes can handle both long mileage runs and daily training because of its durability. It is designed to help you improve your performance so you can run farther and faster.

Why They are Effective

The midsole of these shoes are made of SSL EVA midsole, which gives you comfort, lightness, and rebound. This will help your ligaments in your feet because less strain will be placed on them with each foot strike. Your plantar fascia will be well protected against overstretching and micro tears. The midsole also has Vertical Flex Grooves, which give your forefoot more flexibility. This allows your foot to naturally follow the forefoot for a more natural stride. Your feet will be kept in line and injuries will be prevented because of this.

We have completed thorough research into what people are saying about these shoes and found that people said they felt like they were walking on clouds. Furthermore, people love the lightweight and smooth transition these shoes offer. Some did say the upper was not as breathable as they would have liked because their feet got warm while running & Saucony Ride 9 is slip resistant tennis shoes for women too.

Pros: Rebound, flexibility, cushioning

Cons: Can get hot

Recommended Types of Feet: High arches, neutral pronators