Clicker Training Dogs

Clicker Dog Training: Clicker Training Dog: House Training A Puppy Without Crate and Clicker Training …

Clicker Training Dog: House Training A Puppy Without Crate and Clicker Training …:: Ready to start clicker training?
Not so fast… First you need to charge your clicker! Right now, a click or marker word doesn’t mean anything to your dog. Before you can start using it in training, you have to give the sound value. This step is very simple. Count out 10 small treats. Click and feed treat, click and feed treat, click and feed treat, and continue until you have used all 10 treats. Now when you click or use your marker word, your dog will be expecting a treat!

Try it out.
Start with something simple that your dog already knows: Sit, for example. Ask your dog to sit, click/mark as your dog’s rump touches the floor, and then deliver your reward.
Some other behaviors where using a clicker can be handy?

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Always Reward Your Dog’s Good Behavior
But never, ever stop rewarding. Once Dogalini has learned that “Dogalini, come!” means “Head for my human as fast as my little legs will carry me, no matter what,” we’re often tempted to take those brilliant performances for granted. Please don’t! You can save the roast chicken for those precious moments when you call Dogalini and she comes to you pronto even though Cirque de Soleil has released a dozen gymnastically trained squirrels right in front of her nose. But stay generous with the delighted happy talk, the play, and the butt scritches (or whatever your Dogalini enjoys).

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