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Clicker Dog Training: Clicker Company Pet of the month contest Vote for Dexter…:: The Secret to Clicker Training: How to Make it Work for You and Your Dog
Clicker training began to grow in popularity in the mid-1990s as an effective alternative to aversive training that relied on pain, fear, and intimidation to bully a dog into learning. Unlike traditional training techniques, clicker training is a variation of positive-reinforcement training with plenty of science behind it.

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How to train with a clicker
The clicker can be used for any kind of training that involves learning by consequence (operant conditioning) or learning by association (classical conditioning), with one big exception: a clicker can’t be used for “traditional” types of training that require methods that intimidate, frighten or cause pain. Clickers can’t be used to “correct” a dog; they are useful only for marking desirable behaviors.

Does this mean a clicker can’t be used to help fix problem behaviors like jumping on guests or barking? No. But using the clicker to correct these behaviors requires you to mark and reward your dog when they make an alternative choice that is preferable to the problem behavior.

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