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Canine Training: The 3 Most Common Dog Training Problems and How to Fix Them

The 3 Most Common Dog Training Problems and How to Fix Them:: Agility Training is a sport where your dog races through an obstacle course in a timed competition. Agility is fun for humans and dogs. Dogs run off leash with no rewards or toys as incentives. We offer classes and practice sessions throughout the year.

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Once your dog has mastered all the basics, you can consider moving on to a more advanced level. These activities will help keep your dog active, fit and mentally stimulated. Plus, they will help strengthen the bond you share with your canine companion.

Remember that training is an ongoing process. You will never be completely finished. It is important to keep working on obedience training throughout the life of your dog. People who learn a language at a young age but stop speaking that language may forget much of it as they grow older. The same goes for your dog: use it or lose it. Running through even the most basic tricks and commands will help them stay fresh in your dog’s mind. Plus, it’s a great way to spend time with your dog.

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