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Canine Training: 17 Epicly Unusual Dog Gifts for Your Furry Friend

17 Epicly Unusual Dog Gifts for Your Furry Friend:: Have a new puppy? Or do you have a longtime canine companion? Obedience training makes life easier for you and your pet. Find out how to establish clear communication and control with your dog. We have new obedience classes starting every ten weeks.

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Do not allow your dog to bite you, even playfully. This sets a bad precedent and it will be difficult for you to break them of this habit. Dangerous, aggressive dogs will need special training from an experienced dog trainer. In some cases, a veterinary behaviorist will need to become involved. At no time should you take on an aggressive dog without the proper training. It is too dangerous.
Remember that every dog is different. One dog might learn at a slower pace than another dog, and that’s okay. There is no such thing as an untrainable dog!

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